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Parafield Flying centre

Why parafield flying centre?

  • Friendly, relaxed, welcoming environment.
  • Extremely competitive pricing structure, including very reasonably priced Trial Instructional Flights so that you can have a try before you commit to training (please refer to our “Costs” section)
  • Professional training standards, delivered in accordance with our CASA-approved syllabus.
  • Controlled aerodrome and controlled airspace training commence at lesson one at Parafield, so the procedures become familiar and comfortable very quickly.
  • Learn at your own pace, with no schedules, deadlines, or pressure – perfect for those who need to fit flight training around work and family commitments. Book your lessons at times that suit you, and fly as often as you wish.
  • Complete your study (yes, some study is required!) at home in your own time using the recommended textbooks.  No need to rush to classes at specific times.  If you need any help with any topic, we are here to help when it suits you.
  • Experienced career instructors who are committed to your learning.
  • Pay as you go – no up-front costs or contracts, and no large debts that must be paid back later.
  • “You can’t be what you can’t see” – ladies will be delighted to see what they can be, in an environment where women are not a minority
  • Whether you’re 18 or 80, come along and enjoy the experience of aviation.

What can i achieve at parafield flying centre

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

We offer the 200 hour* self-paced non-integrated competency-based course, in accordance with our CASA-approved syllabus.

This course is only offered at Parafield, as it requires flying in controlled airspace and operating at a controlled aerodrome. All solo flights are supervised and authorised by the instructor.

Flight test required. Exams required

*All previous flight time and experience counts

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

We offer the 40 hour* self-paced non-integrated competency-based course, in accordance with our CASA-approved syllabus.

This course is only offered at Parafield, as it requires flying in controlled airspace and operating at a controlled aerodrome. All solo flights are supervised and authorised by the instructor.

Flight test required. Exam required.

Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

This 25 hour* self-paced competency-based course is available at all of our sites.

Trainees who complete this course at Parafield also graduate with the Controlled Aerodrome and Radio endorsements. All solo flights are supervised and authorised by the instructor.

Flight test required. Exam required.

Conversion from RA-Aus Certificate to RPL

We assist applicants with the credentials transfer paperwork required by CASA, and a gap-analysis is conducted to identify any areas for learning or development. We offer additional training or theory tuition as required to address any gaps.

Once the RPL is received by the applicant, the licence is activated by means of a Flight Review (no flight test required).

This service is available at all of our training sites.

Radio endorsement

This course is embedded in our RPL, PPL, and CPL training, and is also offered to pilots converting from the RA-Aus Certificate who do not have the RA-Aus Radio endorsement to transfer to their RPLs. This course is available at all of our sites, but the most comprehensive aeronautical radio experience happens at Parafield.

Navigation Endorsement

An in-house exam is required, but your instructor can sign you off for this qual – no flight test required.  Available at all of our sites, but only available to RPL holders or trainees, as this training is already an integral part the PPL syllabus and the CPL syllabus. For RPL holders who wish to fly beyond 25nm of the aerodrome of departure, this is an essential qualification.

Exam required, but no flight test – your instructor can sign you off as competent.

Controlled Aerodrome Endorsement

This is an essential qualification for RPL holders from out of town who want to fly in and out of Parafield. It is only offered at Parafield, and is not required by PPL or CPL trainees, as it is an integral part of their courses.

In-house exam required, and your instructor can sign off – no flight test required.

Controlled Airspace Endorsement

This is an essential qualification for RPL-holders who wish to transit Class C or Military airspace en-route.
It is not required by PPL or CPL trainees, as it is an integral part of their courses.
This course is only offered at Parafield.

No flight test required, instructor sign-off. In-house exam.

Design-feature Endorsements

We currently offer the Manual Propellor Pitch Control (aka “Variable Pitch Prop”) endorsement, which is available to RPL and PPL holders, but is embedded in CPL training.

This course is available at Parafield, or at any of our sites for pilots wishing to complete this qualification their own aircraft.

Instructor sign-off.

Flight Activity Ratings

Night Visual Flight Rules Rating (NVFR Rating)

This course is available to PPL holders and can also be conducted as part of the CPL training course.
Available at all of our sites, but some experience at night in controlled airspace is highly recommended.
Flight test and exam required (in-house).


Aerobatic Rating - Stay tuned...

Will be available  to all licence-holders, but conducted only at Parafield in the C152A Aerobat.
Flight test required; also in-house exam.

*Note: These are aeronautical experience minima, required by CASA in order to be eligible for the flight test. Training is competency-based, and trainees must also achieve the required competency standards in order to be eligible for the flight test.



Our business centre and main operation, with our cheery and welcoming office and classroom, is at Parafield Airport.

This is a busy aerodrome, so keeping a good lookout for other traffic becomes second nature here.

Also a towered aerodrome and Class D airspace, with adjacent Class C and military airspace, this is the ideal location to train for the Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence, Night Rating, or the Controlled Aerodrome and Controlled Airspace endorsements attached to the Recreational Pilot

All communication at Parafield Airport is through Air Traffic Control, so radio phraseology and procedures are taught from Lesson 1.


Located right in the centre of the Eyre Peninsula, our Wudinna operation is accessible to trainees from places as far away as Ceduna, Streaky Bay, Kimba, and Cummins.

With a sealed main runway and a gravel secondary runway, trainees here get the best of both worlds.

The training aircraft, Cessna 172N VH-TOH, is owned and operated by the Wudinna Flying Club, which is always delighted to welcome new members.

While Wudinna is a non-towered aerodrome in Glass G airspace, it is frequented by a variety of traffic, including the RFDS and freight operators, so trainees learn and utilise the relevant traffic procedures during their training.


Located on the picturesque Franklin Bay near the top of the gulf, this is a very scenic place to train, ideal for those who live on or near the East coast of the Eyre Peninsula.

Cowell airfield has three runways, two grass and one gravel, which is ideal for those pilots who might one day be operating from runways on their own properties.

The training aircraft, Cessna 172M VH-TIF, is privately owned by a local farmer who is keen to support local aviation and has kindly made his aircraft available for training.

Port lincoln

Port Lincoln offers all the advantages of being the largest centre on the Eyre Peninsula, and it is also a really lovely spot!

Our training operation is provided in co-operation with the Port Lincoln Flying Club, a large group of pilots with varying backgrounds and experience levels. Trainees here benefit from the knowledge and experience of Club members and are made very welcome very quickly by this very hospitable group of people.

We utilise the Club rooms for briefing and ground school and the Club aircraft, PA-28 Archer VH-DRG, for flight training.

Port Lincoln is a non-towered aerodrome in Class G airspace, so trainees here gain experience very quickly in dealing with a variety of circuit traffic, including the Regular Public Transport flights conducted by Qantas and Rex. Looking out for other aircraft and communicating with other pilots rapidly becomes familiar here, as do the non-towered aerodrome procedures and regulations.

Port Lincoln airport has three runways, one sealed and two gravel, for a comprehensive training experience.

port pire

Training is provided in cooperation with the Port Pirie Flying Group in the Cessna 172 and 182 Aircraft types.

Instructor – Neil Baker, a highly experienced Instructor and Examiner, you will be in more than capable and confident hands throughout your journey

Meet the team

Siân Zimmer, MSW, BA, Grad Cert, Dip Mus, Cert IV in T&A, CPL, FIR (Gr1) Head of Operations & CEO

Siân spent almost a quarter-century working as a social worker and counsellor in the health sector prior to training as a pilot and a flying instructor, and her unusual background particularly lends itself to instructing. She has also been a ground instructor at Parafield TAFE. Siân has flown and instructed on single engine Cessnas (182, 172RG, 172, 150), Piper PA28, and the TB10. She has also flown the Cessna 210, Piper PA38, Decathalon 8KCAB, Auster, and DA40.

Siân also volunteers with the SES, including co-ordinating the training programme at her own Unit, sings with a jazz band, has a hectic family life with her boys, and is the proud owner of a terrier and a greyhound.

Hours: 2000 hours, 1200 instructing hours
Design features: MPPC, RG, TW

Beverley Roediger, ATPL, FIR Gr1, Cert IV in
T&A Senior Instructor

Beverley’s foremost claim to fame is that in the 1980s she was the first female Chief Flying Instructor of an integrated flying school – Australian Aviation College at Parafield. While she thoroughly enjoys assisting young people to achieve their aviation dreams, she has a particular soft spot for older trainees. Bev has also been the Co-ordinator of Aviation Courses at Parafield TAFE.

Beverley learned to fly in sailplanes at Gawler. She gained her PPL at Parafield, her CPL in Papua New Guinea, and her FIR at the Point Cook Flying Club in a Chipmunk. Bev has extensive instructing experience in single-engine Chipmunks, Austers, Decathalons, Aerospatiales (Tobagos & Trinidads), Grob 115s, Pipers (140, Tomahawk, Archer) Cessnas (150, 152, 172, 180), and in twins including the Piper Aztec, Beechcraft Duchess, and Cessna 337 (centreline thrust). Bev has also flown twelve different tailwheel or tailskid aircraft.

Hours: 200 gliding, 6000 powered aircraft, 1500 instructing.

Design features: MPPC, TW, Multi-engine centreline thrust, Pressurisation, RG

Peter Zaharis - Senior Instructor


Prices listed below are based on an Hourly rate.

Training at parafield

Training on the eyre peninsula & Yorke Peninsula

hire & fly rates (Parafield only)

All charges include GST and Airservices fees.

Cost for training and hire & fly in Parafield fleet aircraft includes fuel.

Hirers are responsible for any landing fees charged at other aerodromes


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